MetaCon is proud to present a huge amount of anime programming, including anime screenings, anime voice actors, anime vendors, and our costume competition. Anime is a big part of our convention.

Anime Guests

Go to the guests page to see our full list of anime guests. Popular guests include voice actors like Chris Patton, Chuck Huber, and Sonny Strait, among many others.

Anime Events

Please check out the events page for the complete con schedule, which includes many more events for all genres. This page might not be updated every year, but you can see some panels as examples of what you might be able to expect.
  • Japanese Cultural Panels
  • Martial Arts and Samurai Panels
  • Q&As with Anime Voice Actors
  • "How Tos" for voice acting
  • AMV Showings
  • Karaoke
  • Dante's Fabulous Date Auction
  • Who's Line is it Anime?
  • And several other specific panels. Submit your panel!

An convention.