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Fan Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meta Con?
Meta Con is a convention spanning three-days in August/September, bringing together almost 4,000 fans to celebrate fandom, technology, anime, costuming, internet stuff, and nerd life. We have a show floor packed with special guests, artists, and dealers, in addition to autograph sessions and FAQs that give fans a chance to interact with their favorite voice actors, creators, and TV stars. Events range from special sneek-peek screenings to various social events and beyond. We bring together thousands of the most awesome people to one place.

Why attend Meta Con?
We work hard throughout the year to build the very best event schedule imaginable. All of our events are super fun, whether it be the date auction or a panel with your favorite guest. For the super low registration price, you get to have more experiences at Meta Con than you could anywhere else.

What should I prepare for to attend?
We recommend spending time with the event list, as the final schedule is posted about 3-4 weeks before the con. Decide all the events you want to attend - and we recommend checking out as many new things as you possibly can. Be sure to register and book a room if you plan to stay the night (or stay with friends in their room - it is always better to experience all three days). When you come you should have money for hotel expenses, to buy stuff from dealers and artists, or anything else you might want to check out - but all the convention's events are included with your registration price. Perhaps brings snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day, and, of course, an awesome costume is encouraged!