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We welcome dozens of vendors and artists to our convention each year. Please check out the individual sections for vendors and artists for additional information.

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About the Show Floor

Our exhibition floor is the most exciting and fun part of the convention - filled with artists selling unique work, vendors selling all kinds of anime merchandise, and guests signing autographs. Thousands of people come through our exhibition hall to shop and browse through the convention weekend.

Vendors for Meta Con 2022

Artists at Meta Con 2022

Photo of people shopping.

Vending at a convention.

Vending at an anime or video game convention is way more fun than vending at other types of events. Our attendees love anime, video game, pop culture, and comics related merchandise, and they are always looking to add to their collections. By participating in these shows you are giving fans a chance to buy some incredibly merchandise that they are already looking for.

Note that unlicensed or bootleg products are not allowed at our events; we often have industry members visiting the events who do not appreciate the sale of bootleg products.